Using LogoArt, we take your company logo and convert it into a piece of framed art. We do this either by working with a digital image of your logo, or scanning a hard copy image of it, then recreating it using multiple layers of matboard that mirror the colours within your own design. We then frame it, converting your logo into a framed piece of art that makes a statement about your company, proudly displayed in your office or lobby.

The sample here of the Intentional Serenity Logo was scanned in from a business card, and the final product uses 5 layers of matboard and is framed into a piece that is approximately 2’ by 3’. We have a large range of moulding available, allowing you to choose one that not only complements your décor, but also reflects the image that your company, and your vision, portrays.

We can also incorporate your logo, or the name of your company, into matboard by either carving it into the matboard, or we can use our special debossing tool, creating a subtle yet effective final product. The matboard is then used to frame prints or certificates you can give as gifts, or to celebrate the achievements of your company and your staff. We can order prints from a wide variety of sources, allowing you to choose images that reflect your company, whether giving them out as gifts through events you are sponsoring, or to those special customers that you want to thank for the business they have done with you. The benefit of these is the effective highlighting of your company in a way that is sophisticated, yet subtle.