Give the gift of framing!

Do you have a wedding, birthday, graduation, housewarming or other special event on the horizon? Stumped for gift ideas?

Why not give a gift certificate from your local PPFA member frame shop!

Many people have artwork, photographs or treasures that are just crying out for the perfect frame.

A framing package can be themed around a hobby or profession perhaps a stamp or coin collection, medals, fly fishing, golf, music, scouting, sports the list is endless! Anything and everything that can be collected can also be framed. They should also be protected, and the preservation experts at framestudio will be happy to show you how they do that.

The best thing about giving a gift certificate for framing? The lucky recipient can have something special framed and put on display for everyone to enjoy.

That print, photo, memorabilia or collectible will always be in view, not sitting in a drawer or closet. And whenever the person views their beautifully framed piece, they will remember you!

Your gift of framing may become a focal point in the home or office of a friend, relative or colleague.

A professional framer will help customize the frame design to reflect and complement the décor of a home or office, and suggest unique and creative ways to display items.

It's a lucky person who gets a picture framing gift certificate!

Be sure to look for the purple and white PPFA member decal on the shop door or window!